Script Savages Residential Workshops are based in the hamlet of La Roche Jaune, on the northern coast of Brittany, France. The climate is Irish – windswept, damp and mild, governed by the Gulf Stream. There are date-palms and banana-trees, but you need big sweaters. The village is on a tidal estuary with some of the biggest tides in the world – up to 11 metres every six hours – and a short walk from open sea. The local culture is also similar to Ireland, including music and drink, but the food is better. Fish, shellfish, meat, organic vegetables, cheese, cider and apple brandy are all grown or made locally. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians cohabit without issue.


+ By train

To Paimpol or Lannion, both on branch-lines off the main Paris Montparnasse to Brest high-speed line. Travel times are about three and a half hours from Paris.
There is also a direct connection via Rennes from Lyon.

+ By plane

Air France and low-cost flights to Brest, the former connecting with the Air France/KLM hub system at Paris. Brest Airport is about 1 ¼ hours by car.
Low cost flights are also available to Rennes (2 hours) or Nantes (3 ½ hours), with a shuttle service to connecting trains and/or car hire. 

+ By car

From Paris, 6 hours
From Brussels, 7 ½ hours
From Geneva, 9 hours…

+ On foot

The French coastal path, GR34, passes through the village.


Credits: Pinhole photographs by Patrick Schranz
Additional photographs by Pierre, Rose & Séverine
© script savages