Script Savages is a brand-new workshop established by Séverine Cornamusaz, Pierre Hodgson & Razvan Radulescu, without institutional backing or subsidy.

This new workshop is designed to offer bespoke development support and script consultancy for feature films, both on a collective and an individual basis. It is open to filmmakers, writers and also development executives and producers. It offers both residential and tailor-made, follow-up support.

We believe script development is governed by organic and practical concerns, specific to each project. You might have a second project in concurrent development. You might have imperative deadlines for funding. You might need to make money elsewhere whilst maintaining impetus. In short, you may want to start a lab programme in March but you may equally want to start in October, or in June. You might want three sessions, or maybe two or one or four. Every project has its own body rhythm.

For sure, cinema exists within an industrial context. Yet the process that brings films into existence can only thrive outside the financial and professional command-systems of industry, in a place where shared experience and shared ambition generate trust. Filmmaking requires natural affinities between creative stakeholders, more even than professionalism and good management. The by-now, long history of cinema tells us that friendship helps. It makes films possible that might not otherwise have been made. It releases and strengthens the will to surprise and delight audiences.


Credits: Pinhole photographs by Patrick Schranz
Additional photographs by Pierre, Rose & Séverine
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